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Green Coral and Fish


We're exploring Earth's final frontiers. The ocean is just the beginning. 

SeaDeep was founded in 2020 by Dr. Karen Panetta, Dr. Shishir Rao, & Eric Osherow to bring light to the depths of our oceans and bring AI to solve real-world problems.

SeaDeep is on a mission to revolutionize ocean exploration and monitoring by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. By connecting the world's ocean data and developing cutting-edge AI solutions, SeaDeep aims to bridge the technological gap in underrepresented domains.

The company's focus on advanced computer vision, machine learning, and data analysis techniques enables it to map, explore, and monitor the world's underwater assets, unlocking the secrets of the deep and paving the way for a more sustainable and connected relationship with our oceans.


Meet SeaDeep

SeaDeep is a team of experts in sensing, AI, and entrepreneurial leadership, united by a shared commitment to solving real-world challenges. With a proven track record of publications, patents, and global public engagements, such as the G20,  SeaDeep is at the forefront of developing AI solutions to address pressing issues facing our world today.

Eric Osherow,
Founder & CEO
Dr. Karen Panetta,
Founder & CRO
Dr. Srijith Rajeev
Head of AI

Who is SeaDeep?

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