Enhanced ocean data for benthic site characterization


SeaDeep is a provider of multi-modal ocean imaging, data visualization, and analytics. SeaDeep is developing an application to enhance, visualize, and analyze ocean data for the characterization of benthic sites. SeaDeep’s technology can create environmental models that are extremely high fidelity and provide enhancements in characterization, monitoring, and visualization of underwater sites.


A New Generation of Ocean Data

coral reef .jpg
Clownfish in Aquarium
Calm Sea

High Fidelity 3D Models & Maps

With our patented processing algorithms, 
SeaDeep can develop high resolution ocean maps from video footage.

Marine Data

With segmented models, SeaDeep can differentiate objects and identify specific hazards: bathymetry and marine life.

Fast and Efficient Implementation

 SeaDeep's modeling algorithm can  utlize any form of video footage: prexistent or new, and develop robust site maps.


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