3D Visualization Tool to Enhance Benthic Site Characterization


About SeaDeep

SeaDeep is a 3D visualization tool for the the characterization of benthic zones. With our suite of image enhancements, SeaDeep can provide a site specific GIS tool comprised of a fully characterized and classified 3D space.


The Next Generation Ocean GIS

coral reef .jpg
Clownfish in Aquarium
Calm Sea

High Fidelity 3D Models & Maps

With our patented processing algorithms, 
SeaDeep can develop high resolution ocean maps from video footage.

Marine Data

With segmented models, SeaDeep can differentiate objects and identify specific hazards: bathymetry and marine life.

Fast and Efficient Implementation

 SeaDeep's modeling algorithm can  utlize any form of video footage: prexistent or new, and develop robust site maps.



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