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Underwater Vision

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SeaDeep’s AI empowers a new generation of subsea vision to assess underwater environments and substructures in real-time, autonomously, at a fidelity not seen before.Enabling use of low cost, off-the-shelf cameras that can capture the entire light spectrum, SeaDeep’s AI will enable any fleet of AUV, ROV to classify subsea objects, materials autonomously, in real time, to a high degree of accuracy.  

A New Generation of Ocean Data

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Clownfish in Aquarium
Calm Sea

Underwater Vision

With our proprietary processing algorithms, 
SeaDeep is developing software to  empower visual inspections with the cavity to autonomously detect critical marine data: objects, materials, in near real-time. 

First of its Kind Data

Enabling use of the entire light spectrum, 

SeaDeep can detect data unseen by current technologies. 

Software Flexibility  

SeaDeep AI is built to process data from a variety of environments. From marine structures, coral reefs to shipping, our solution will ensure the highest quality of analytics. 

Making Efficiency & Sustainability
a Requirement 

Current technologies do little to reduce the cost of asset inspections and maintenance.

Inspections today are costly and unsustainable. They are time intensive, require excessive use of vessels and personnel, and equipments are prone to missing critical data.

SeaDeep's AI will ensure sustainable operations by automating the highest quality of data analysis.

Reduce Carbon

Autonomous classification of data will dramatically reduce the time, carbon used to complete inspections

Prevent Damage

Failing to detect damage is high stakes. Missed data is costly for your wallet & the environment, potentially leading to harmful events, i.e., oil spills

Priortize Health

SeaDeep enables an operation to track impact & mitigate impact ensuring sustainable maritime activity

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